Beauty Treatments Plymouth

Beauty Treatments Plymouth

Firstly, let’s clarify in what type of establishment you would receive Beauty Treatments in Plymouth, and what exactly a Beauty Salon or Beauty Parlour (As it used to be known as) is. In general terms, it is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for both men and women. There are other variations of this type of business, and they include Hair Salons and perhaps a Spa.

There is a definite distinction between a Beauty Salon and a Hair Salon, even though many small businesses in this country offer both sets of treatments; Beauty Salons provide quite an array of extended services that are related to your skin health, facial aesthetic (Facials), foot treatments (Usually employing a Chiropodist – As we do), nail manicures (Shellac, Acrylics etc), aromatherapy, oxygen therapy, hot stone massage, waxing, mud baths, and many other services.

What are the main or most popular terms used with regards Beauty Treatments?

Well, the main term ‘Beauty Treatment’ refers to the use of some form of treatment to improve someone’s beauty. This could include a facial or a nail manicure and is commonly defined as the enhancement of someone’s personal beauty.

Beauty Treatment in Plymouth could also be known as beautification – This is the act of a Beauty Therapist or Beautician making someone more beautiful by giving them a makeover (An overall Beauty Treatment that involves various treatments and could include cosmetic treatments that are intended to change or improve an individuals’ appearance).

There is also a manicure, which is professional care given to the hands and fingernails and often involves the application of nail polish. This could be coupled to a pedicure, which is for the feet and toenails and could incorporate, amongst other things, the softening or removal of calluses.

A facial is the specific care or treatment applied to the face that usually involves cleansing, then a massage followed by the application of cosmetic creams and oils.

An ever popular Beauty Treatment in Plymouth is the Massage of the body, with numerous techniques offered to benefit the skin. This includes the application of various beauty products for increasing the mental well-being of the client.

There is also Hair removal, which is carried out using treatments such as waxing and threading. This is very popular amongst women and is now also becoming a Beauty Treatment sought by men also.

Tanning is also very popular, and the summer period is very busy because clients wish to ‘Top up’ their tans before they proceed on holiday. We have a ‘walk-in’ tanning operation that does not require pre-booking. We also offer sunbed creams to improve the experience.

Some Beauty Treatments in Plymouth involve using a collagen beautician or a transdermal collagen beautician. These are specialised treatments, as is Botox treatments.

Our staff have an extensive range of experience within the industry, all offering Beauty Treatments in Plymouth at Soft Soles Health and Beauty. They are extremely passionate about using their knowledge and skills to provide the best beauty treatments to the very highest standards.

By the way, you may or may not have heard that snails are now being used in the Beauty Industry! Check out the article: SNAIL FACIALS!

Nevertheless; you may or may not be pleased to learn, that we have decided not to follow this current fad!