lash perfect from soft soles

We have a number of excellent eye treatments available to you!

Whether it’s just a simple eyelash, eyebrow tint or something a bit more luxurious like cluster lashes, individual lashes (4/6 weeks lifetime), or the incredible lash lift which tints and enhances your natural lashes for up to 6 weeks! Here at Soft Soles we do it all!

(Please be aware all the above require a patch test 24hrs before treatment).


lash lift from soft soleslash-lift-2 from soft soles Examples of a Lash Lift


Soft Soles available Treatments:


Eyelash Tint – £9:00

Eyebrow Tint – £7:00

Lash & Brow Tint – £15:00

Cluster Lashes – £15:00

Individual Lashes – £35:00 (Lasts between 4-6 weeks)

Lash Infills – £20:00 (Within 3 weeks)

Lash Lift – £30:00 (An enhancement of your own natural lashes and lasts up to 6 weeks)


To book a Treatment, please call 01752 568053 or email: sales@softsolesfootspa.co.uk