Our Fast Tan Sunbed provides a deep, dark, longer lasting tan whilst rejuvenating skin, helping anti ageing, smoothing wrinkles, producing Vitamin D, helping you to be blemish free, stimulating collagen AND is odour free!

collatan twist maxi sunbed

Our Fast Tan is  achieved using our 48 tube stand up sunbed, and comes wrapped in a stunning design that beats any of its competition, providing the facility to give you a fast Tan. We also have a changing Pod and you can listen to music through the inbuilt speaker system!

So, if you are looking for a tan, or a ‘top up’, please pop in and see us!


60 Mins – £20:00
1 Week Unlimited – £10:00
(15 Mins Max per day)
1 month Unlimited – £25:00
(15 Mins Max per day)
Per Minute – £0:50

Generally, no appointments needed, but to be sure please call 01752 568053 or email:

If a sunbed is not what you’re looking for but a healthy glowing tan is then you can always have one of our quick and convenient spray tans.  We have a range of colours to suit your skin tone, please visit this page for more information HERE